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Penn Battle 8000 Fishing Reels Review

Penn Fishing FRC8000 Fierce Spinning Reel is for those who want to join the weekend warriors club. This spinning reel is without a doubt a heavy duty spinning reel that will give you the assurance of bringing home the big fish. When I say big, I mean big as this reel has the features that […]

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Penn Battle 7000 Fishing Spinning Reel Review

Imagine you plan so hard with your folks, for the most of your outdoor fishing experience.As a passionate angler, you are, you set your expectations high pegged on high reel performance and accuracy of your reel, only to realize you are doing badly due to the bad quality of your spinning reel. This is the […]

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Penn Battle 4000 Fishing Reels Review

Penn Battle has a reputation when it comes to making of quality spinning reels. Penn Battle 4000 is an intermediary of the light duty 1000 series and the very heavy duty 6000-8000 series. I like the way the 4000 series offer capabilities that enable me to use it for the smaller fish and the relatively […]

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Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel Black Review

As old as humanity, that is how old fishing is. Man has come up with so many ways to make life interesting and feel like worth living.How many sports and games have you been involved in since childhood?  So many we probably don’t recall half of them. How many know fishing? Very many actually and […]

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Okuma Trio 40s Fishing Reels Review

Yes, I confidently admit, I just love fishing. I mean am that passionate angler. Fishing exonerates me from the mindset trap that the only way to sport or grab my favorite fish, has to be the conventional way; either set up events for sporting or buying my fish from somewhere. Of course, we can do […]

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Okuma Raw II Fishing Reels Review

Fishing is not just an activity to get food on the table; it is a wonderful sport and fun activity as well. Unknown to many people, just like other international sports fishing has a lot of intricate matters and arrangements that go into it to achieve the greatness of the sport that is fishing. Lots […]

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