Are Single Speed Bikes Fast

Before proceeding with the single speed bike, we need to know what bikes are. Grab a tire, a frame which can hold two tires, a handle, and a sit. There you go, you have a pretty basic bike. But what about gear? Now, this is the most exciting part of a bike. There are generally two types of bikes, single geared or single speed bicycle and multiple speed bicycles.

What is Multiple-Speed Bike?

Bikes with multiple gears are generally known as multiple-speed bikes. The mechanism of multiple-speed bikes is much complicated than single speed bikes. This bike keeps tension over the chain. There is a cable which is attached to the shifter. Shifter pulls the derailleur arm away or toward from the bike. It helps to pull chain down and up the front chainrings or rear cassette. 

The paddle usually has 2-3 gear rings, and back tire has 5-7 gear rings. You have to maintain the balance of the gears while paddling the bike. If you don't match the perfect gear, then you might not get the best experience of cycling, or your tension chain might get broke.

Now, what is a single-speed bike?

You've already acknowledged about multiple-speed bikes. So you can assume that a single speed bike can be. Yes, you are right, the gear or single speed bike is fixed. You don't have to change the gear by the speed of your bike. Just paddle away from your ride. You don't have to worry about changing gear or tension of your bike. 

For some reasons, single speed bikes are cheaper than multiple geared bikes. I personally like single speed bikes because it is easy to maintain and easy to fix. You will find best single speed bikes here.

Comparison between multiple-speed bikes and single-speed bikes:

The bike is all about gear and paddling. Single speed bikes are built on simplistic design. The main motto of single speed bike is to make it easier to maintain and repair with low cost or no cost. Another best feature of the single speed bike is that it is lightweight and inexpensive. It is suited for all weather and all roads. You've already guessed the disadvantages of multiple speed bike. They are expensive, heavy and costly to repair the components. Sometimes you can't find the exact component in the market.

After all these research, the question comes to the mind that is single speed bikes fast? Or efficient? There are plenty of bikes out there, and many bike makers are making multiple speed bikes. Best single speed bikes are mainly a myth. If you gather good components altogether, then your bike is best. Let assume my bike.

It has a Santa Cruz Chameleon frame on its body. Wheels I got the half of the price. I have bought all the good components and merge them together. The whole bike weighs about 25lbs. You will be surprised as I was surprised. Because I had a multi-geared bike and I was not satisfied. Here is the reason for being surprisingly fast.

1| Efficiency: 

Single speed bikes will teach you to ride your bike more efficiently. It is essential to balance your momentum while riding offroad. You learn by yourself with this bike at a high speed when you are cornering. You will know how to take the advantages of every downhill and dip grade that you will ever encounter.

2| Responsiveness: 

Single speed bikes are efficient. It feels responsive while paddling your way and this makes the bike faster.

3| Power:

Single speed bikes will teach you how to use your leg muscles and powers more efficiently and wisely. You will be able to paddle up many hills even though you are in loose conditions. If you be strong through your journey and paddle wisely then it will be a piece of cake for you. You have to be careful not to break the rear wheel with your power of paddling. You know that with great power comes great responsibility. So use it wisely. Best single speed bikes do not have breaking issue more often. You want more power, paddle more. You want more speed, paddle faster.

4| Gears: 

Gear is another main part of the bike. Gear is another reason for being fast. While climbing a hill, you will have not plenty of time or opportunity to change the gear. If you want to change the gear of multi-geared bike, then you have to stop then change the gear. But single gear bike has no changing gear issue. All it takes is your paddling power. You will feel free to ride your favorite bike.

5| Quiet:

Single speed bikes are quiet. You will not love to hear the sound of cracking and gear changing. It is annoying because it travels with you all the time. If you have some defect on the multi-gear bike, then you are doomed. Because it will make a sound like a hell. You can't decrease or stop the sound without repairing it. The small defect of the multi-gear bike can make a huge effect on your riding bike. On the other hand, single speed bikes are much more efficient and quiet. The small defect of single speed bike will not change the experience of cycling most of the time.

6| Fast: 

Single speed bikes can travel you faster. You can travel fast enough if you give your effort of paddling enough.

7| Lightweight:

Single speed bikes are usually lightweight and simple in design. Multi-gear bikes have so many components which makes the bike much slower. You can't leave any component of multi-geared bikes. But single speed bikes are lightweight. It has only brakes, frame, a gear, a seat, handles, and paddle. A very simple and light build which every cyclist dream of.


Bike choosing depends on you. There are lots of version of bikes such as flat tires bike, single tires bike and so on. But single speed bikes are much more efficient for me to handle and paddle.

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