Best Fishing Tackle Storage System For 2018

There are very few amounts of anglers are found who feels their boats with enough tackle storage for fishing. Many fishermen even think that the existence of the tackle storage on their boat is like a tackle mess and also they thinks the gear shoved as into a bucket or a tackle locker in the corner. They usually don’t feel comfortable to carry those things. But these things are pretty much essential.

You will not find any excuse for the tackle storage plight. Boat Outfitters usually offer many options for tackle storages. You can find over 120 types of tackle storages ranging from small built-in tackle storages to large learning post tackle units. Things have been changed. Nowadays you can easily customize your tackle storage box on the fishing boat according to your need like never before. As you have to spend a quality amount of time in the water and maybe have to tolerate the smell or gas of the chased fish on a small fortune. You should not show up the arrangements unprepared.

We are here to describe you about various types and the buying guide of fishing tackle storage systems.

To organize your tackle storage the soft size storage bags mostly give the key of perfection. We can easily keep the cranks, mother lode of jigs, spinner baits, and all the other items at home by avoiding the hard old boxes full of all unusual things. Then pack our smaller utility boxes with our tackle bag which are usual for every trip. So we are giving little tackle storage opinions for a variety of use or application.

  • Plano Angled 728-000:

Among all the other practical functionalized tackle storage boxed or systems, the Plano Angled 728-000 give the most dependable performance. This Plano Angled stowaway system is made in the United States. This ensures superior craftsmanship and reliable quality while being subjected to the best quality control and manufacture control at the factory. This control part is for that you can use it during many fishing seasons. It gives the better performance for this new technological design.

The revolutionary storage concept of this stowaway compact storage system makes it as the innovative one. It has three new featured stowaway utility boxes of 3600- sizes with an angled storage option. This stowaway system accesses the fishing gear that you have and, it is also very easy to organize. It is the way to present your equipment and to simplify the storage.

  • Plano 7771 Guide Series:  

The Plano 7771 Guide Series is specially designed with ample room or space which can able to carry or manage all your big to messy small fishing essential into it. This Plano 7771 Guide Series in a compact pact or a pro system which helps you to complete a successful fishing adventure each time by managing or storing all the things you need for the task. 

This tackle box is designed with a dependably solid construction as a complete hard storage system for years of use. It has three removable spinner bait racks along with four stowaway system inside of it that offer top access every time. This tackle box will easily allow you to reach quickly into the tank while fishing that you can take anything you need whatever it’s baits or some fishing line and lures. It will also provide you spacious bulk storage to handle fishing knives, fishing sunglasses and all other fishing gear which you cannot accommodate in the other stowaway.

It provides you the clear Dura view for your comfort. By this Dura View, you can quickly look over into the Stowaway and can easily peek the required tool that you need without being harass as like other storage units. The over-molded handle will provide you a hassle free comfort grip which will help you to carry this storage system in an Allegiant way.

It is made of sandstone or graphite. It measures 12.0” H, 21.25 L, and 12.0 W.

  • Plano 7603 Flip Sider:

The Plano 7603 Flip Sider provides enough space in constructing of using premium quality components, which to hold all your fishing elements with ease. To give you electronic access to the stored contents, this three-tray tackle box has designed an ingenious cantilever tray with extends open system. That means you can take what you need quickly and you can easily view the contents which will help you to focus on your fishing.

By the fold-down handle of the storage system, you can easily carry it from one place to another for fishing. To store your fishing gear collection and organize the fashion securely the brass bailed latch will help to lid the handle closed tightly. 

This tackle storage system features the top two access storage areas both the right and left sides to give you more storage space. You can easily store this model in the trunk of your car which will provide easy transportation. This compact is 16.25″ L X 9″ W X 8.375″ H in dimensions. To hold those fishing elements you can’t afford to leave behind it offers enough organized storage space for them.

Buying Guide:

Wherever you are planning to buy a fishing tackle storage system from fishing tackle shop or fishing tackle online shop, you have to be aware of some necessary features on the fishing tackle storage system. Make sure that your storage system is providing you those features.

  • A tackle storage system should be designed for the efficient and reliable storage capacity.
  • Avoid choosing a tackle storage system just because of looks alone.
  • You should make sure about committed to your storage box once you get it.
  • It should make a statement based on functionality along with an expression of your fishing style.
  • The tackle box should be able to handle all sorts of lures, lines, hooks and all the other pieces of elements that you need for your fishing adventure.
  • Make sure it comes with reasonable tray levels and adjustable slots as well as natural compartmentalization.


Choose the best one according to your comfort and need. Make sure to take proper maintenance for the long-lasting use.

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