The 5 Best Freshwater Fishing Rod – Guide & Reviews

The most important pieces of fishing equipment will always be the poles or fishing rods.  Fresh water fishing rods are quickly becoming a popular hobby or sport in the USA. Freshwater fishing rods are available in a wide range of lengths and types. But choosing any rod for fresh water fishing purposes is not the right thing to do. You can’t expect just any fishing rod fishing rod to perform according to your needs. You must know which rod will be perfect for freshwater fishing and which one will not. 

That is why we have written this article, where we have reviewed top 5 of the best freshwater fishing rods. All the fishing rods reviewed in this article have gone through full functionality tests. They are of the highest quality and are built to perform. So, let’s have a look at some of the best freshwater fishing rods available for you in the market.

1. Lamiglas Insane Surf Rods Series

The Lamiglas Insane Surf rods series is first on our list of best freshwater fishing rods. Lamiglas fishing rods have been a reliable fishing rod name in the surf fishing industry for years. The insane series is no different. But being a surf series rod, it is also compatible with freshwater fishing.

Lamiglas have been a leader design, so the insane set comes with a design suitable for any fisherman out there. The rod is super sleek. The premium quality IM material it is made from makes it feels very light in any hand.  The heat shrunk grips it comes with makes the rod stronger than steel. But still, they are very soft to hold.

The aluminum oxide guides, make action very smooth. Each action of this rod is finely tuned to perfection. The guides are completely rust and corrosion free. The guides can easily hold any type of braided lines. The rod is considered medium-heavy powered.

The rod comes at an economical price, and still, comes with high-end X-flock handles, only available in higher priced fishing rods. The Lamiglas Insane Surf Rods are available in 9” to 11” sizes. The rod can handle lure weight of up to 6 oz.

Highlight Features

  • X-flock handles that provide the rod a sleek design.
  • The rod is made from light-weight and durable IM material.
  • The rod has an eye0-catching and crazy design, which is loved by most anglers.
  • The shrink-wrap grip is as hard as steel and very tough.
  • The aluminum oxide guides which are corrosion free and provide with smooth medium-heavy action.
  • The high-quality graphite blank.
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    A solid rod which performs with precision.
  • check
    The design is very tough as well as aesthetic.
  • check
    The rod is very responsive, and you can feel the smallest of fishes.
  • check
    The rod is very comfortable to hold.
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    The 11” length makes it very portable.
  • The rod is not made in the USA.
  • Will easily snap if you use it for other types of fishing rather than fresh water or surf fishing.

The Lamiglas Insane Surf Series fishing rods perform as they are advertised. No other rod in the market is as tough as this rod in its budget. Even though it has minor build issues due to being manufactured in China, it can still be considered one of many best freshwater fishing rods.

2. PLUSINNO Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod

Number 2 on our list can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The Plusinno Spin Spinning Rod and reel combo come in 6 convenient sizes (1.8 meters- 3.3 meters).  This package includes a rod and a reel and an overall full fishing kit. This kit is comprised of 1 fishing reel, 1 fishing rod, 4 sinkers, 6 hooks, 6 fishing lures, some fishing accessories as an added bonus and a storage bag, for storing everything in one place.

The fishing rod is made from the highest quality premium carbon fiber material. The fishing pole is telescopic style and is made of solid fiberglass. The pole comes with aluminum guides. The reel seats are made of stainless steel. The handle has EVA foam grips, so it stays steady in your hands. When the pole is collapsed, it has a length of around 18 inches. It is very lightweight, and the design makes it the perfect choice for fishing trips.

Its flexibility and portability make it the ideal fishing rod for both expert and new fishermen. The rod has high elasticity, as it is made from a mixture of carbon and fiberglass. The larger rods of this model can hold more weight quickly, though the upper limit is just 10 pounds.  The rod also comes with anti-reverse technology giving the fisherman some extra strength to tackle bigger fish.

Highlight Features

  • The kit is specially made keeping rookie fishers in mind.
  • The rod is made of fiberglass mixed with carbon fiber which makes the rod incredibly durable and reliable.
  • The EVA foam grip makes it very comfortable in your hands.
  • Its telescopic design makes it portable to carry around.
  • The reel seats are stainless steel hooded with anti-seawater corrosion protection.
  • The rod comes with a medium power and high elasticity making it one of the best freshwater fishing rods out there.
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    The rods durable design and features make it perfect for both new fishers and expert fishers.
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    The rod is perfect for both freshwaters as well as salt water fishing.
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    The EVA grip is very comfy to hold.
  • check
    It's anti- sea water corrosion coating is something you’ll find higher priced fishing rods.
  • check
    The overall design is portable and safe for travel.
  • The kit does not come with a fishing line.
  • Some fishermen might find the size of the rod too small for their liking.

Plusinno is a renowned industry name when it comes to making good quality and high-performance fishing rods. It arrives in an affordable price range if you are in search of the best freshwater fishing rods.

3. St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods

St. Croix has been in the business of making high-quality fishing rods for ages now. The rod is made of premium quality SC II graphite. It makes it very tough and it will not break that easily. It's especially useful when you know are a rough user of fishing rods. The rod is also quite portable in size, making it an essential fishing trip buddy.

The rod comes with some excellent hook-setting power. It provides its user with superior performance, due to its fine tuned tapers and actions. The aluminum oxide guides the rod comes with are tough and well built.

It's a spinning rod that comes with a Fuji DPS reel seat with a frosted silver hood. The handle is comfy to hold and has a premium quality cork grip. Its flex coat slow cure finish makes it anti-rust and corrosion free.

This rod is specially made for pike fishing. But it is also suitable for catching a huge galore of fish from northern pike to king salmon. It is built to fish in almost any situation and environment.

Highlight Features

  • The SCII graphite build of the rod makes it very tough to break.
  • All its tapers and actions are fine tuned for outstanding performance.
  • The handle is made of premium quality cork.
  • The reel seat is manufactured by Fuji DPS and has a white frosted hood.
  • The guides are made of tough aluminum oxide and come with frames which are black in color.
  • The rod has high sensitivity and hooks setting powers.
  • It has 2 coats of flex coat slow-cure finish.
  • The rod is designed in Park Falls, USA and manufactured in Fresnillo,  which is in Mexico.
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    The hook setting power and sensitivity are just impressive.
  • check
    It is a travel rod which comes in four pieces so that it can be easily carried around.
  • check
    The rod is very lightweight in hand.
  • check
    The tough SCII graphite construction of the rod makes it almost unbreakable.
  • The rod does not come with a proper carrying case.
  • The cork grip might get damaged after years of rough use.

The St. Croix Triumph spinning rod is just perfect for fishermen who travel a lot.  It can be taken during, camping, hiking or just a leisure fishing trip. It's one of the best freshwater fishing rods any fishermen would love taking on a fishing trip.

4. Fiblink Baitcasting Inshore Graphite Fishing Rod

This 2-piece medium heavy powered rod, though made specially made for saltwater fishing, can also be used for freshwater fishing. The rod comes with some fast action. This bait casting rod can hold lures up to 40 gram in weight. It can easily hold lines which weight around 20 pounds.

The guides are pretty lightweight and come with ceramic inserts and stainless steel frames. The rod is made of carbon composite material mixed with a bit of fiberglass. It gives the rod that added sensitivity needed to detect the smallest of fish.  Its build and construct also make it very light weight.

The rod is extremely flexible as well, and will not break upon heavy usage. The reel seat is anti-corrosion and has stainless steel hoods. The grip is made of what Fiblink describes as ultra premium quality EVA foam. The grip helps keep the rod steady as well as slip resistant, even when it becomes extremely wet.

This ergonomically shaped fishing rod is perfect for both professional and newbie fishermen. Its overall strength enables any fisherman to catch bigger species of fish. This rod can be used to catch saltwater fish like sand bass and caico and can also be used to catch bigger inland fish.

Highlight Features

  • The grip handle is made of split EVA foam.
  • The rod comes with a medium heavy power.
  • 8 stainless steel guides are available on the rod each with ceramic inserts.
  • The rods layered graphite construction with a mixture of fiber glass gives it incredible action and strength at the same time.
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    The EVA foam grip on the rod makes it comfy in the hands.
  • check
    The rods colors will never fade away due to its lacquer finish, which also makes it sun-resistant.
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    It's a 2-piece rod ideal for traveling purposes.
  • For some fisherman, it takes time getting used to the ergonomic design of this rod.

It's a tough rod for any kind of fisherman out there in search of the best freshwater fishing rods. Its solid build quality makes it a tough competitor for higher priced models.

5. Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

The Shakespeare micro spinning rod can be considered one of the most excellent saltwater fishing rods in the market. These decent ultra-light and light powered rods are just ideal for catching fish like brown trout.

The rod is not at all cheaply made and is made from the highest quality graphite composite material. The rod is extremely thin and solid, which makes it a breath of fresh air from previous bulkier models. The cork handle is there for your comfort and is slip resistant as well.

Both the guides and inserts are made from the highest quality stainless steel. The reel seats are very conventional are cushion hooded. The rod also comes with a hook keeper for keeping all your hooks in one place. The rod can hold weight up to 1/32 ounce. 12-inch trouts will be a piece of cake to catch with these rods.

The sensitivity of the rod is at an all time high as it can sense even the smallest of fish. It is also robust enough to fight stronger fish if necessary. As the rod is two pieces, it can be easily carried around without a sweat.

Highlight Features

  • The rods graphite composite material construction.
  • The comfy and slip resistant cork handles.
  • The hook keeper for safe keeping of all your hooks.
  • check
    The rod can be used for fishing in rivers, lakes or ponds.
  • check
    One of the few fishing rods with both stainless steel guides and inserts.
  • check
    The cork grip makes it easy to handle, even when fighting fish are caught.
  • check
    The sleek and thin design makes it both stylish and comfortable to carry around.
  • check
    Its tough to construct will make it last you a lifetime.
  • Cannot be used in open seas or oceans.
  • Fishes which are very large in size may make the tip of the rod snap.

This fishing rod can be the perfect buddy for your fish hunting expeditions. Its light weight and tough construct have made it a trusted name among most fish anglers. If you are looking for one of the best freshwater fishing rods out there, this comes pretty close.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Freshwater Fishing Rods

They say “you get what you pay for.” But most products out there are very highly priced and what you pay for is not what you get. That is why some factors have to be considered before buying the best freshwater fishing rods. These factors will help you get a fishing rod at a better bargain and also assist you in purchasing a well-constructed rod. In the below list we will try to discuss some of those factors.

The power of the rod: 

Power describes the strength and holding the power of a fishing rod. Most rods these days have a nice back bone or power to them so that they can tackle big fish.

The rods responsiveness:

If the whole rod bends with the weight of the fish than it is considered to have excellent responsiveness. If the tip and overall rod are lightweight, the rod will surely have good responsiveness.

Cork grips: 

Cork grips help make the rod comfortable in the hands and also allow it to stay steady when tackling heavy fish. A cork grip handle will also not slip even when very wet.

Reel seats: 

A reel seat is a place which holds your fishing reel. Make sure it at least has a plastic hood, as it may rust if it does not. Most of the best freshwater fishing rods nowadays have a graphite reel seat with an opening through which you can feel the blank.

Final Verdict

There are a million options in the market when it comes to buying a freshwater fishing rod. But in this review, we have tried to sort out and review some of the best freshwater fishing rods available in the market right now. No matter how much money you spent, end of the day you will surely need the right equipment and fishing rod to catch fish. Make sure you follow the reviews and guidelines given above, and you will have no difficulty in tracking down the best freshwater fishing rods for you. Happy fishing!!

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