The 5 Best Penn Spinning Reel

Not many sports and fun activities come close to the old and exciting sport of fishing. Fishing has been with us for ages, and it has evolved to become a wonderful sport over the years that people dedicate lots of time and money to. For the whole fishing affair to be effective, you need the best equipment, and a reel is one of that very important equipment.

At the tail end of this article, you will be happy at how much you will know about spinning reels especially Penn spinning reels.

1. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

The pen battle II is an incredible spinning reel that first I think have to mention attracted me with its wonderful, incredible design.

The beauty of this reel moves you, and you immediately notice that it demands attention from the onset.

The makers of this reel must have understood the real meaning of smoothness and clarity in a spinning reel, and that is why we see it coming with 6 ball bearings, for smoothness, support, and stability.

We always say for ball bearings more is always better and 6 is the true definition of more. Anti-reverse has to be among the most important factors in helping you retain that catch you just made.

IF your anti-reverse doesn't work or isn't strong enough the possibility that the fish you've just caught will pull itself out of your grip is almost 95%.That's why this reel had an instant anti-reverse bearing to make sure fish caught is fish caught and nothing more.

For anything to be tough, it has to be made tough, and we all know tough no matter what case it is, is always better. The heavy duty aluminum bail wire is something definitely worth boasting about since in this there is sturdiness, strength and durability.


  • 6 ball bearings
  • Full metal body
  • HT 100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • Instant Anti- reverse bearing
  • Heavy duty aluminum bail wire


  • It may sometimes bind while reeling.

2. Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

If you want a smooth exercise with fishing, you have to know that the number of ball bearings within your reel are a very important issue to consider.

The more the number of bearings in your reel the smoother your working with the reel. This reel has 5 + 1 ball bearings to make sure you get the ultimate experience.

Instant anti- reverse which cannot be missing if a reel is to be considered high quality, is a feature that makes you keep your catch. The Penn Spinfisher V is blessed with this feature that gives you ultimate power over your just caught fish.

Also, it has a sealed HT-100 Slammer drag system for maximum resistance when you need it. You after you hook your fish, it begins pulling away struggling to go free, and in these times you need as much resistance as you can gather to make sure your fish doesn't go back. And this is what the drag system does; it provides you with resistance.


  • 5 + 1 bearing
  • Anodized aluminum superline spool
  • Sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag System
  • Instant anti reverse


  • Does not come in various colors to choose from

3. Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

It is very important what makes up the body of a reel because it says a lot and does a lot too.

Apart from offering long life and good shape, a good quality body may offer other very important benefits like resistance from rust and other factors.

This reel is made with an full aluminum body which is high-quality material that ensures toughness and durability.Ball bearings give the user a very smooth job when fishing. It makes your movements swift and struggle free.

The more the bearings, the more the benefits you get from them, and that's why the Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel is made 4+ one ball bearings to make your work more than just easy but effective too.

Anti- reverse will be your big assistant when you caught your fish and there is resistance on your line. IT holds the handle in place so that it doesn't roll back and let line back into the water. This reel features an anti- reverse to help you keep what you just caught.


  • Aluminum full metal body
  • 4+ 1 ball bearings
  • Instant Anti- Reverse
  • Oiled felt drag system


  • Doesn't come in various colors to choose from.

4. Penn Pursuit ii Spinning Reel PURII4000

Weight is a very important factor when looking at reels, and this is true for a very good reason:

weight exerts pressure and strains on your wrist and forearm when fishing and because of this it determines how long it takes before you get fatigued out in the water.

The Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel is made to be lightweight so that you can spend as much time fishing as you wish and not get tired.

As if being lightweight is not enough goodness, this reel also boasts a corrosion resistant body which now means you do not have to worry about where you are fishing.

Saltwater hastens corrosion, but since your reel will be corrosion resistant, you can fish anywhere be it salty water or not.

Ball bearings can never be overlooked in a great reel that's why this reel is made with 4+ one ball bearings to give you a smooth sail through your fishing exercise. No struggles no hustles just easy fishing, enjoyable catch.


  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • 4+ 1 shielded stainless steel bearing system
  • Infinite anti- reverse
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Durable and of high quality


  • The design could be bettered with more color and beauty.

5. Penn Clash Spinning

There is always talk about salt water fish and fresh water fish, and this causes people to fish in different places because they prefer one of the two or just want to experience what it is fishing in the other kind of water. 

This reel is okay whichever kind of water you choose to fish in.

This is because it is made to deal with years of salt water conditions while still being in good shape and state of performance.

Durability is important for any reel you buy and so the fact that this reel has a full metal aluminum body, first, tells you that this reel is one of exemplary quality for aluminum is the material that makes the best spinning reels. Second, this says that you will get good body toughness and durability.

These metal body assures you that you will not be changing your reel all the time or fixing it, due to problems emanating from breaking down and mechanical issues. You reel will be strong and will stay that way for long.

Eight stainless steel ball bearings are such a good number to keep you more that comfortable and working smoothly and gracefully when looking for that fish. You get a superior experience with a higher number of ball bearings.

It also has anti- reverse which makes sure your handle is held in place and doesn't roll back to give away line back into the water. So once you catch your fish, you are sure it is staying with you.


  • Built to withstand years of saltwater conditions
  • Full metal aluminum body
  • Eight stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant anti- reverse bearing
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire


  • Since it is made of aluminum, you should be ready to deal with a bit more weight than in the case of graphite.

Things To Consider - Best Penn Spinning Reel

Finding a good spinning reel requires attention to detail, and this is what we are about to do below. We are about to consider that in case you are shopping for a shopping reel what will be the factors you will be looking out for.

Reel Body

What makes the reel? How tough is the reel, is it appropriate for the conditions you will be fishing in? Spinning reels are made using two materials. Aluminum and Graphite.

While graphite is light and possesses less stress on the wrist and fore arm when fishing, aluminum offers a stronger tougher and more durable option.

Other factors also will inform your decision to get an aluminum or graphite reel like resistance to corrosion among others.

Reel Gear Ratio

Spinning reels are not like casting reels which have rotating spools. The spool of a spinning reel is stationary, and a bail wraps the line around the spool.

So the reel gear ration defines the number of times the bail rotates around the spool with one turn of the handle.

A 4:1 ratio means the bails goes round the spool four times with one turn of the handle. 4:1 is seen as a slow speed reel, 5:1 is medium and 6:1 is a high-speed retrieve since there is a large amount of line that's taken in.

Reel Size And Weight

Fishing is almost like an art, and for any art, you need the best equipment to achieve the best final piece. The reel has a lot of bearing in the effectiveness of the fishing exercise especially considering the size and weight.

The size of reel to use is determined by the weight of your line.The lighter your line, the smaller you reel and vice versa. Weight puts pressure on the wrist and forearm and will determine how much time you spend in the water.

For those who spend extended periods of time in the water, weight is an utterly important issue because it is a huge determinant on fatigue.

Ball Bearings

These small metallic balls called bearings and sometimes bushing are what make the working of the spinning reel smooth and stable. In spinning reels, the more the number of ball bearings, the more the reel benefits from smoothness, support, and stability.

So if you are going out for a reel, it's good to consider one with a higher number of ball bearings so that you don't end up with something you are likely to regret and that will make you suffer.

Anti- Reverse

Anti-reverse is the feature of a spinning reel that enables it to hold the handle in place so that it doesn't spin backward.

So the reel you are getting has to be well effective in its anti-reverse abilities otherwise, you do not want to make a choice that doesn't embody perfection in this regard.

This is because anti- reverse is the determining factor of whether the fish you just caught stays with you or slips out of your grip.

Final Verdict

After reading this article, you become among the people best able to make a trustable decision in the line of spinning reels. Therefore, when you are buying one of your own, get the best, and here you will still find the best, don't make mistakes, get the best.

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