The 5 Best Shimano Spinning Reel

Preparation of fishing starts a week prior you just don't wake up and go fishing. If fishing is something you do at least once a while or on a daily basis then you know the best fishing tool will ensure you at least don't go home empty-handed. 

A spinning reel is an important fishing tool that is essential for fishing.

1. Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel

Going for family fishing then the Shimano Sedona Spinning reel can come in handy. The spinning reel is double anodized machine cut spool.

Which allows for increased line capacity with a more compact body; m-compact body, super stopper (ii).

You don't want to invest your money on something that will break after a few months. A spinning reel should be durable. The Sedona spinning reel is designed to be durable and has the strength that will make fishing a fun activity.

The aluminum cold frogged spool is an added feature that makes the Sedona spinning reel durable and strong. Furthermore, the stainless steel always keeps the rust away. The shield also reduces salt or grit that might potentially enter and destroy the bearings.

The spinning reel comes with a power roller (II) and propulsion line management a true force of nature. This will make fishing quite easy.The spinning reel is designed with fluidrive ii) and Dyna balanced rotor gear system which helps to keep the spool balanced.

In case when the fish is fighting the reel won't shake. The balanced retrieve also replaces the line evenly on the spool, making for repeated quality casts.


  • Durable
  • Good price
  • Easy to use
  • Long cast
  • Good line control
  • Best in salty water


  • Sticking issue
  • Doesn't work well in fresh water

2. Shimano Spin Reel Clam

Your child interested in fishing? The Shimano spin reel clam is a great reel for kids who are newbies.

The reel has a quick fire II bail lever, making one-handed casting a breeze with the push of a button. The reel is great for both fresh water and saltwater.

Interested in a lightweight spinning reel that you can carry anywhere with easy then look no more; the Shimano spin reel clam is easy to carry.

This particular reel weighs 8.6 oz. Just as it is light weight, it still works great it comes with a line capacity of 6/170, 8/120, 10/100. The Shimano spin reel clam puts the line back on the reel.

The fishing reel clam usually consists mostly of graphite from the frame, side plate, rotor to the spool. It is corrosion resistant and durable. So no damage can occur, and it will last long.

No replacement after a few use. It's also designed with a rear drag system and great to use with mono powerpro and fluorocarbon.


  • The fishing reels durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile for both salt and freshwater fishing
  • The one handed casting is superb
  • You can use the spinning reel with most lines


  • Lightweight design may not be suitable for heavy duty fishing
  • Cannot handle big fish

3. Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel

The stability that Shimano Spirex RG spin reel, it comes with rock solid reliability meets advanced technology.

The spinning reel is designed with all the features that work together to ensure smooth performance all round.

The spinning reel is engineered with a propulsion line management system that consists of; spool lip, bail wire, roller, bail trip and cam. They work together to ensure no friction occurs and promote uniformity of line movements.

Though the line control usually depends on the fisherman. With propulsion management system it ensures that the line doesn't twist and more distance can be covered.

Balance is very important in fishing, not just fishing but generally. When the fish is hooked to the bait, the fish will try to put up a fight making the fishing tool to wobble.

Spirex spinning reel ensures there is no wobble on the retrieve by counter-balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness with the help of dyna balance.


  • 6.2:1 gear ratio offers speedy line retrieval
  • Five ball bearings allow for fluid reeling
  • Simplifies casting with quick fire II one-handed casting system
  • Can be used in both fresh and salty water
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Fast line retrieval may be too quick for some fishermen
  • Rear drag system may not offer optimal control for certain types of fishing.

4. The Shimano Sienna Fd spinning reel

Fishing gear are necessary especially the spinning reel and at that one that works best. SiennaFD spinning reel is an example.

The Sienna spinning reel has both front and rear drag versions. They are sized differently 500, 1000, 2500 and 4000.

The 4000 is best for large fresh water. The Sienna reel can work both in fresh water and also salty water.

The last thing you need is a spinning reel that is heavy; this can cause inconvenience. The Sienna FD spinning reel is engineered with a lightweight graphite frame, side plate, and rotor. Generally, it's easy to carry the reel.

The Shimano Sienna FD Spinning reel comes with Dyna balance which eliminates wobbling during retrieval by counter-balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness.

The lines don't intertwine or form knots with the propulsion spool lip it also most importantly provides longer casting distances.


  • Durability
  • Light weight
  • Six different bearings
  • Stability
  • Longer casting distances
  • Work in fresh water and salty water


  • Manual bail grip is not ideal for everyone
  • Line capacity too small
  • Covers the basic but doesn't stand out
  • Cannot catch large fish

5. Shimano Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reel

Shimano stradic CI4+ Spinning reel; termed as one of the high-performance reels, the new upgrades are the ones that make this spinning reel one of the best.

The shimanoStradic CI4+ Spinning reel is one of the most durable brands in the market; it's designed with carbon material that maintains its durability.

This Shimano spinning reel is designed with X-ship technology which supports the pinion gear both ends with special bearings. This system will ensure that all gear will stay in alignment even under heavy loads.

This feature will greatly improve rotating performance that will make rotating much smoother. This system also boasts the durability as it decreases the wear and tear on the drag over time.

The stradic CI4+ engineered a cold forged aluminum on drive gear and hardened brass on pinion gear. This material altogether proves to last longer than normally used stainless steel. This will retain smoothness that Shimano reel are best known for.


  • Durable
  • Light
  • Innovative gear technologies
  • Maintenance port
  • High performance
  • Smooth action


  • Noisy

What To Choose The Best Shimano Spinning Reel

Spinning reel are a must to own if fishing is your hobby. Fishing is quite easy when you have the right tools. With a good working reel, you can even operate two fishing rods all by yourself. An expert without a good spinning reel is still useless.

Shopping for Shimano spinning reel can be a real challenge keeping in mind that there are very many brands. Since you only want the best reel to help you in fishing then below are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the best Shimano Spinning Reel.

Gear Ratio

When selecting a spinning reel, the gear is at the top of the list. The gear ratio may vary from one product to the next. The gear ratio is always indicated on the sides of the reels.

Most manufacture ratio is 4:1 slow, 5:1 medium and 6:1 fast. The gear ratio helps in the retrieval time. The higher the ratio, the faster the line goes back onto the spool.


You don't want a situation where you just caught a fish, but it pulls and snaps the line. The Drag will help so that the fish can't escape. The drag is a system of large washers inside the housing that allows more fishing line to release under pressure.

The extra fishing line released will help keep the fish on the hook and keep the line intact. There are two types of drag the front and the rear drag.

According to your preference you can choose a spinning reel of either the back or the front drag. The main difference between the two is the location and the controls.

Line Capacity

The line capacity is the total length of the fishing line that a spinning reel holds. The factors that consider the line capacity is the size of the spool and the weight of the line. The line strength, however, depend entirely on the composition of the line.

Type Of Water

The reel you decide to choose should balance between the salty water and fresh water. You should not find a type of spinning reel that will work best on salty water alone or fresh water alone.

Final Verdict

If you're shopping for a new reel or even for a replacement, then you have stumble upon a real mine field. This review list one of the top most Shimano spinning reels in the market.

That will make fishing easy and fun. The review also presents step by step approach to selecting the best Shimano spinning reel.

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