How to Choose a Fishing Cooler for 2018

Fishing is a multi-million dollar industry, and therefore a lot of products reach the market targeting the anglers. The goal is simple, give them a product that will make life more comfortable in the fishing scenario. Like fishing coolers with the wheel. This is the game changer for many fishers. As they can now keep their prize catches fresh as they have just caught it out of the lake.

Plus, the coolers got wheels under which makes them easier to move around as they don't have to carry the weight anymore. But besides the wheels what makes a normal fishing cooler the ultimate cooler. If you want to find the answer, then buckle up.

Things to consider to buy a fishing cooler:

There are a couple of factors you need to consider in your fishing cooler. However, these things vary depending on the persons need. But some things are quite basic. So, you should know the basic requirements that you need to look for in the cooler. And if you don't have any clue about them then let's take a ride with me to learn them.

1| Storage: 

This should be the first thing you should contemplate on while looking for a cooler to take with you fishing. I know, some of you might not think it as an important factor, but it certainly is. Hear me out. I know the first reason to take a cooler is obviously to store the catch and keep them fresh. But it isn't the only use of it. 

Depending on the amount of time you spend on fishing, you might plan to take certain things with you. Like your lunch, drinks, and medications. Now those things also need to be taken care of, and for that, you need a big space in the cooler. Plus, a big cooler makes a lot of sense if you fish for hours. Because the bigger, the cooler, the better the cooling system will be as you can put more ice into it to keep things cold.

2| Cooler size: 

I know this might confuse some of you but the storage size and the cooler size aren't the same things. By storage, I mean the inside of the cooler. While the size of the cooler means the entire dimension of the thing. Now, obviously, if it has more storage, then it would be larger in dimension. But some coolers are bigger in size but offers less storage. So, pick a model which offers enough storage but doesn't create havoc for its size. Because if the cooler is too big, it might not fit in small vessels like a boat. Plus, it would block the walking area also. So, keep it in mind while making the purchase.

3| Quality Build: 

Go for a cooler that can handle the pressure of hardcore use. So, simply look for something that is sturdy and durable. Whatever the weather might throw at it, the cooler shouldn't get damaged. Also, if you drop it accidentally, it shouldn't get wrecked.

4| Material: 

Most fishing coolers use plastic as the key material. Now, the problem is not all are same in quality. Some plastic materials contain harmful toxins. So, when you store your fish inside those coolers, the toxins can get into the fish. So, make sure to buy a cooler that is free from any type of toxins. Also, avoid styrofoam in coolers. They are even worse than some toxins in the plastics.

5| Performance: 

Some anglers fish for hours. Then there are the fanatics who will sit right in the middle of the water for weeks to get the big catch. So, performance requirement from the cooler varies depending on the type you are. If you plan to fish for a couple of hours, then a regular cooler might do the work. But for days and weeks of fishing binging, you need top of the line fishing cooler. Why? Because finding ice in the middle of nowhere is impossible. So, the cooler need to make sure the ice intake is enough for days.

6| Waterproof: 

To be honest, most coolers are somewhat waterproof. But obviously, the waterproofing quality of some are superior to others. Some models can withstand the random splash of water. But they might not hold against a rain shower. So, keeping this in mind, you should buy the cooler.

7| Versatility: 

It's better to go for a versatile cooler rather than getting a simple cooler. It can make your life a lot easier while fishing. For instance, some models got cushions on them. So, you can sit on them by the lakeside and wait for the fish to take the bite. Then there are features like the fishing rod holder, dividers, wheels, and whatnot. The best model is the one that provides all of them as a package. However, the more accessories, the cooler offers, the more money you need to splash on it to acquire.

8| Pricepoint: 

There is no need to go on a spending spree just to get a decent fishing cooler with the wheel. You can find all the above things in a cooler without breaking the vault. Just need to keep your eyes open and check for the feature. But if you want something more exclusive with some additional features, then you need to be a little more flexible with the budget.

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I've provided with the blueprint to find the best possible fishing coolers with wheel within your budget. I've covered almost every aspect the buyer needs to considerate. However, there are some things that I might have overlooked because those things usually ain't considered standard feature in coolers. So, in that case, don't get confused, just use your better judgment to find the right fishing cooler.

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