Cast a Spinning Reel – Best Guide

The spinning reel is one of the most popular reels. Casting a spinning reel in a proper way let you catch fishes quick. But it is not too simple that you should not give the concentration on learning this. Casting reels in a proper way deserve time and practice.

Now, I am going to explain the best way of casting spinning reels. One can not but agrees that casting spinning reel is easier than others reel.

Let see the appropriate procedure of casting spinning reels

First of all, hold the spinning reel by pushing your hand; use the two fingers in the front of the stem and another two fingers behind the stem. By this way, you will have a great chance of gripping the reel. Then you can start swinging the casting of a spinning reel.

The way of holding spinning reel

It is the best practice to keep the seat of spinning reel between the ring finger and middle finger and take the back end of the rod with the left hand.

You may also notice that some angler use the spinning reel with one hand but according to my sense, it is not correct at all, if you are one of the new anglers, you never think of these. Holding spinning reel using both hands is the best practice for everyone.

The way of standing

When you go to use a spinning reel, you must stand aiming toward the front side. This way help you cast it easily, and you do this following this rule, you will never suffer from a strain in your back during casting.

When you cast the fishing reel, you should never come down to grab the line rather you should pull it up to your finger. If the fishing line does not reach to finger, it is a wrong practice.

Try to keep your reel in free spool mode. Then loosen the bail using your hand at the time of holding the fishing line. After that, you should draw back the fishing rod. It is also noted that line twisting is typical during fishing, you should use your hand to close the bail, many of us use the handle, but it is a bad practice, so you must be sincere about this.

Although casting spinning reel is easier than others, it deserves practice. Firstly everyone like me feels hesitate how to do but it will more easy to practice; even you will be able to invent new techniques how to cast spinning reel in the best way.

Joe Carrow

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