6 Night Fishing Tips That Can Help You Catch Your Favorite Fish In The Moonlight

When the water is heated up by the summer sun, bass like to relax in either the shade of some heavy cover or in deep cooler water. However, once the sun has gone down and the water has cooled down, the comfort zone for the bass expands, particularly in clear water, from top to bottom.  The following are some tips for night fishing to help you catch bass after sundown.

Tips And Techniques For Night Fishing

#1.  Don't Be Late:

Make sure you get to your favorite fishing spot before the sun goes down so you don't have to do a lot of navigating after it is dark. Make sure you have all the gear if you are fishing from shore set up and ensure it’s all at hand. Three sided hunting tents made of canvas are the ideal for this scenario and also offer good protection, if you’re staying on land.

#2. Make Your Preparations For Night Fishing:

Having a bunch of fishing reels, rods and tackle boxes strewn across the deck of the boat after dark may result in falling overboard or broken tackle.  So make sure the deck is kept clean in order to prevent any accidents from occurring.  You can also get some productive lures designed for attractive nocturnal bass

#3. In Clear Water Go Slow:

When bass hug the bottom or burrow into cover at night, you can try using a slow-moving lure like a plastic worm  to fish in clear water.  Take a dark colored 7-10 inch plastic worm and Texas rig it into a 5/0 or 4/0 worm hook with a 1/4 ounce bullet sink to fish 10-20 feet deep along major lake ledge and points or steep banks that are half way back into creek arms or coves.  Raise the worm slowly by lifting the tip of your rod to around the 11 to 12 o'clock position.  Then drop your rod down so that the worm falls to the bottom again.

#4. In Murky Water Go Punching:

If your nighttime spot has off-colored water, concentrate your efforts on shallow cover.  Then pitch a 1/2- or 3/8-ounce black jig that has a blue or black plastic craw or chunk.  Take three or four quick pumps on your rod tip to present the jig (move 1 to 2 inches at once), and the reel the slack line up before starting on another set of quick pumps on your rod

#5. Throw Spinnerbaits Into The Wind:

A black 3/4- or 1/2-ounce spinnerbait is perfect to catch aggressive bass when it is a windy night. Retrieve your blade bait while maintaining a steady pace across rock banks, and over sunken brush piles and through standing timber. Spinnerbait fishing nights are among the most enjoyable since bass come eagerly after your bait as you are burning it through the water.

#6. For Some Calm Night Fishing Make Some Noise:

On calm nights throw a noisy prop bait or topwater chugger for bass that are suspended near the surface of the water.  One of the major targets for using nighttime topwater techniques are boat docks that have lights.  Usually docks have sunken brush piles holding bass and when lights are shone from a boat house it attracts sunfish and shad to the surface of the water.  Eventually the bait fish activity draws bass up to the top and they then position themselves underneath the docks for ambushing their prey.    

Use these night fishing tip to help you light the lake up whenever you want to go out on a midnight fishing run.  Moonlight nights, weekend getaways and camping trips are all excellent times for fishing.  Now that you know what to do, use these night fishing tips to take your rod out 24/7! Click here.

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