Best Okuma Raw II Fishing Reel

Fishing is not just an activity to get food on the table; it is a wonderful sport and fun activity as well. Unknown to many people, just like other international sports fishing has a lot of intricate matters and arrangements that go into it to achieve the greatness of the sport that is fishing. Lots of work and attention goes to the equipment, places, kind of water, kinds of fishes among others.

Among some of the more than important tools for making this activity, a success is a reel. There are two types of reels used in fishing, spinning reel and casting reel.In this article, we are going to consider a spinning reel the Okuma Raw II Spin Reel.

This spinning reel embodies the features of a wonderful, well performing high-quality spinning reel without compromising on style or design. The features that make this reel a great one are as seen below.

5:1 Reel Gear Ratio

Unlike casting reels which have a rotating spool, the spool in a spinning reel is stationary. The way it works is that a bail goes round the spool sometimes about the moving of the handle.

Thus the reel to gear ratio defines the number of times the bail goes around the spool with one turn of the handle. This one goes round five times, which is a considerably fast pace. Thus you will have some good speed pulling your line when you need to.


Weight in a spinning reel can determine the outcome of your fishing expedition. Weight exerts pressure and strains on the wrist and forearm consequently causing fatigue which might jeopardize your success out in the water.

Also, you may not be able to stay there too long since you’ll get tired fast. This spinning reel is made to be lightweight so that you are enabled in doing what you want to do, effectively.

Seven Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

A ball bearing as known in any machinery makes the working of a device smooth. The same is true of spinning reels as well. A spinning reel is made with ball bearings which assist it to stay smooth, supported and stable.

In the realm of reels, the more the ball bearings the smoother and more graceful the experience. The average number of ball bearings is 4 to 5 but having seven ball bearings, the Okuma Raw II spinning reel proves that it is more than just an everyday reel.

Alumlite Aluminum Body

The body of a spinning reel has a lot of bearing on how the reel operates what it can handle, how tough it is and how long it can last. Two materials make spinning reels, and both have their benefits, graphite, and aluminum. In some cases, there is a combination of both.

The Okuma Raw is made with aluminum meaning it is sturdy and strong, able to handle most of what is involved in fishing. It is also likely to last a long time since durability is one if its biggest strengths.

Made For Salt Water And Fresh Water As Well

Fishing happens in all kinds of places, and you can have it done in either fresh water or salt water. As said earlier, reels are made of either aluminum or graphite, these two act differently around salt water.

Graphite is corrosive resistant but aluminum not so much. The Okuma Raw II is made to survive in whichever water environment you will be operating in whether salt water or fresh water.

 This gives the liberty and freedom to fish in whichever waters you wish to.


  • 5:0 Reel Gear ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Seven stainless steel ball bearings
  • Alumlite aluminum body
  • Made for salt water and fresh water as well


  • Maybe a bit heavier than graphite made reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is this made?

A: It’s made in China its quality is better than you may think.

Q: Can this work well in salty waters?

A: Yes it works perfectly in salty water

Q: Are there other colors or designs I could choose from?

A: No not really, you only have a choice with size.

Final Verdict

If you were to find a good spinning reel, you would need lots of research and study to know which the best is. This article saves you all that, this is one of the best spinning reels, and everything you need to know about it is inside here. The likelihood you will regret this choice is almost zero.

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