Best Okuma Trio 40s Fishing Reel

Yes, I confidently admit, I just love fishing. I mean am that passionate angler. Fishing exonerates me from the mindset trap that the only way to sport or grab my favorite fish, has to be the conventional way; either set up events for sporting or buying my fish from somewhere. Of course, we can do better. My fishing escapades have always been traditional and adventurous until I came across my Okuma Trio 40s.

My fishing went through a paradigm shift. I achieved more of my catch targets, thanks to a finesse bite casting accuracy of Okuma Trio 40s. This prompted my pals who have been so conservative when it comes to fishing, call me now the best angler in the neighborhood. Funny part! They dropped off their regular brands and adopted my type.

They always do a better job whether it is the small or medium sized fish. They just rock it.They tipped me off too for a spinning reel well gifted to them. This is why you can’t wait to accessorize your fishing or sporting with the Okuma Trio 40s.

Having tried so many spinning reels, my experienced closed in on one thing; there is nothing compared to the returns of the Okuma Trio 40s’s versatility in a bait.

Body Design And Weight

Most of us can go crazy for creative designs. Apart from an exquisite construction, the Okuma Trio 40s taps in an aluminum stem that comes along with two graphite side plates. This makes it one of the strongest spinning reels.

We don’t like it when the gear or shaft housing starts flexing while getting the most of our fishing, in fact, the last thing we need during the concentration is a cast that falls short of the expectation.

This is why this fishing reel brings into a straight line your fishing rod from your distance for the perfect job. A heavier spinning reel is as bad as the fishing. The graphite side plates are light in weight for you to achieve a 360-degree flexible motion hand action.

With a multi-piece construction, the spinning reel is crowned with an aluminum drag chamber that ensures you get the most of a stable and levelness during your cast. This is a stylish mark.

Dual Force Drag (DFD) System And Trio

To ensure smooth and great heat disintegration, the (DFD) system brings in more tension from the top and the bottom on the spool. This is one flexible fishing reel with a high-speed gearing ratio of 6.2:1.

The Trio

Imagine having a spinning reel with parts that go rusty, wearing out over time calling of replacements. Nobody likes such extra costs.

This is why the trio is corrosion resistant and has a high-density gearing for long time performance. The trio is a quality durable aluminum anodized bail wire

It is patented featuring the Elliptical Oscillation system (EOS) for your smoother performance and an even line lay, during your favorite fishing adventure.

Casting Ability

Enthusiastic anglers agree higher chances of casting ensures you get the best. This is specifically refined and true to this model’s nine ball bearings and a quick-set anti-reverse roller.

Handle And Other Features

The handle is aluminum made plus a computer-equalized rotor system for the best of the perfection. The handle comes as rigid and forged for that great design and stability.

You don’t need any more to strain folding spinning reels, the Okuma Trio 40s’s reel handle can be folded by a single button. It brings you Japanese multi-disk oil felt drag washers.


  • Has a precision machine-cut brass roller pinion gear
  • It is corrosion resistant for long performance
  • It has a heavy duty, anodized aluminum bail wire
  • Computer designed rotor
  • Hybrid spool design plus graphite arbor and aluminum grip


  • The bail sometimes tends to be hard to flip, irregularly though it turns out as a minor upset.
  • Manually flappable bell

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many oz. is this model?

A: The size 40 has 170 yards of 12lb monofilament line. It weighs in at 10.8 ounces and has a 20 lb. drag.

Q: Which is the best ratio for fast retrieve?

A: Many quality reels come at a good fast 5: 6:1 ratio for a great drag, especially on average speed.

Q: Can the handle be switched for left or right retrieve?

A: Sure, it can achieve this, way easily.

Final Verdict

Hustling for the most precise quality reel doesn’t need to strenuous and fruitless anymore. Fishing is supposed to be an awesome experience for your preferences. You will find this reel user-friendly and dedicated for the best results.

You stand a greater chance too of not only achieving high performance but also transform your fishing prowess for that intelligent accuracy. You will find this an incredible choice. And who knows! With this reel, if you are new to fishing, you might end up an enthusiast too.

Joe Carrow

Being passionate about fishing, I have spent a plenty of time in the fishery. That is why lately I have determined to share my experience and feeling with my friends and followers through my site. It is my high expectation that my lovely site will help the freshers splendidly!

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