Best Penn Battle 7000 Fishing Spinning Reel

Imagine you plan so hard with your folks, for the most of your outdoor fishing experience.As a passionate angler, you are, you set your expectations high pegged on high reel performance and accuracy of your reel, only to realize you are doing badly due to the bad quality of your spinning reel. This is the last thing that you want standing your way to your eagerly awaited catch. Well, such frustration can be thwarted, by easily giving credit to the Penn Battle 7000 Reel. This is one unmatched reel that not only asserts its prowess among the anglers but also ensures you get value for your investment.

Just because you merit you great fishing experience.Spinning reels are good in handling light lines and cast lightweight traps for the perfect bait.

When it comes to the Penn, it maintains a perfect match in inshore fishing activities. No wonder there is no doubt, it still continues to one of the best, when it comes to holding the most of the line.

This is a plus in helping you achieve higher chances of catching your fish.As if this is a tip of the iceberg, its features are a great match to being above the regular brands.


The Penn Battle 7000 Reel a quick anti-reverse roller bearing, with the ability to disable back-play of your handle. This means you can claim more powerful hooks from your targets.

If you are concerned how to best tailor your bait positioning, this reel has a right side and left side handle for convenience of your motions, plus an on/off auto trip bait feeding system. This implies you can conveniently fold the reel handle without much fumbling.

Drag Washers

Fishing lovers die for that high performance when it comes to washers. This is imperative more especially when that big fish is spotted negotiating a long run, our adrenaline up.

At this moment, all we can count on is a drag washer that will constantly reduce the pressure required to drag and increase the line, for a smart catch.

The Penn Battle 7000 Reel intelligently achieves this, an attribute best weighed in by its multi-disk; Japanese oiled felt drag washer.

Body Structure

The reel comes with a full metal body, side plate and rotor. This doesn’t necessarily make it heavy, it still perfectly maintains light weight for great rod motions.

The metal body and side plates assist in keeping the gear aligned well, just in case you happen to catch that big fish or bait. The handle is a die-cast made of aluminum, to provide you long time durability. It has a machine aluminum handle knob too.


We don’t like our reels rusting when they come off the water; this could weaken it, in the long run, reducing performance. This is carefully catered for by its anti-corrosion graphite body.

It comes with a corrosion resistant stainless steel bail wire. You don’t need to bother how often of regular you will replace your reel anymore.

Other Features

The spinning reel also comes with ten ball bearings and one roller bearing for the best maximum performance. If you are keen on the balancing act of your line, its s-curve oscillation system, and computer balanced water tight drag seal compliments this.


  • Anti-reverse great system
  • Anti-corrosive body design
  • Long lasting body structure
  • High performance drags washers


  • It is a little bit noisy but negligibly fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Penn precision like?

A: it is an Elliptical Gearing system

Q: is the drag seal waterproof?

A: sure, it is a hydro block water tight seal.

Q: what is the max drag and weight of this reel?

A: It is a 25lbs max drag, weighing about 27-29 oz.

Final Verdict

This is one spinning reel I can recommend around the clock, for those who are focused on changing their fishing bait precision for the better.

Expect to have a strong bargain for investment too, thanks to the durable design engineered for the most of your experience.

You don’t need to be spoilt for choice when it comes to reels anymore, because of the Penn Battle 7000 Reel, is an unmatchable choice best for your taste.

Joe Carrow

Being passionate about fishing, I have spent a plenty of time in the fishery. That is why lately I have determined to share my experience and feeling with my friends and followers through my site. It is my high expectation that my lovely site will help the freshers splendidly!

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