Best Penn Battle 8000 Fishing Reel

Penn Fishing FRC8000 Fierce Spinning Reel is for those who want to join the weekend warriors club. This spinning reel is without a doubt a heavy duty spinning reel that will give you the assurance of bringing home the big fish. When I say big, I mean big as this reel has the features that make it capable of handling the big fish weight.This fishing reel is not only for use on the weekends. You can use it on a daily basis if you need to and still it will not let you down. If you are a big salt water fisher you will get some trouble but only for a few days and then you will be the hero of the waters. You will be taking home amazing catches.Salty waters are not you daily ride in the fresh waters.

They pose a lot of challenges, and the Penn Battle 8000 overcomes all of those challenges. I still like the way my spinning reel functions and looks even after years of using in the salt waters. It is what you need to find a long lasting solution to your fishing nightmares.


Materials making the Penn Fishing FRC8000 Fierce Spinning Reel are all premium materials that give the reel durability.

The handle is an anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum makes the handle rust resistant. So the handle will be able to maintain that great appeal despite use in the salty waters.

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings ensure a smooth movement spinning reel during reeling. The ball bearings being of stainless steel can also resist corrosion. Stainless steel has a lot of tensile strength so that they stand the weight of salt water fish.

Techno-Balanced Rotor

The rotors on poor spinning reels get wobbly during the whole fishing process. You see the slightest of inaccuracy makes the whole exercise tedious and even worse fruitless.

A techno balanced rotor gives me accuracy and sees to it that the line does not tangle as the line retrieve and cast accurately without moving from side to side.

Side Plate

The manufacturer incorporates Side plates to keep the ball bearings perfectly aligned. A case can arise where the ball bearings misbehave another factor that will lead to a wobbly spinning reel.

The side plates are of durable material so that it is not a point of weakness. Misalignment will mean uneven pressure on the ball bearings and some may just give in to the pressure.


It comes at a price that after fishing for a while you will admit it has extemporal performance. It will give you value for your money for the rest of your fishing.

Within a very short time, you will come thanking me of how good it is. I think it is worth far much more.


  • Unless the line lets you down, it never will, very reliable
  • Makes for accurate casting
  • Gives smooth operation
  • Affordable
  • Corrosion resistant in the salt waters


  • Requires some experience
  • It is really heavy for a fishing reel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it cheap?

A: Absolutely, for what you will get in return, it is very cheap.

Q: How heavy is this Penn fishing FRC8000?

A: it is very heavy for a fishing reel remember the design is for the heavy salt water fish

Q: Can I use it for inshore fishing?

A: That is not a good idea, for inshore fishing you can take a lower series of the Penn series say 1000

Final Verdict

With the Penn fishing FRC8000, you can handle big catfish, and you are sure to get it. The handle will not break. The bearings will not let you down either, I mean no obstacle at all. I just take my time and bring the fish on board.

In your first week of using the Penn 8000, you will be already getting awesome rewards.Do not complain that about the price. You will see in the long run that it is worth the purchase.

This Penn 8000 is your pass to a successful saltwater fishing life. You will be pleased with the performance of this spinning fishing reel.

Joe Carrow

Being passionate about fishing, I have spent a plenty of time in the fishery. That is why lately I have determined to share my experience and feeling with my friends and followers through my site. It is my high expectation that my lovely site will help the freshers splendidly!

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