Best Penn Conflict 8000 Fishing Reel

Do you have a bag of worms ready to lure fish on that pond you found on your vacation? Not just that, are you fascinated by fishing as a sport, hobby or on that deep-sea fishing expedition and looking for the best performance? Then all you need on that fishing rod is the Penn conflict spinning reel CFT8000. This reel is the real deal by PENN Fishing Tackle Company that many endear to fishing gear production.

High strength graphite rotor

Graphite may seem soft to you but don’t underestimate its strength at all. A strong rotor comes in handy, strong enough for the big fish you catch.

The graphite rotor has reinforcements that ensure it will not fail. It gives smooth retrieves with complete balance despite the weight of the fish.

Switchable Handle

I use my right hand, but that is not the case for everyone that may want to use the conflict. Don’t you hesitate to get this beast since it takes care of every single user. Right and left-hand users with the switchable handle either to the right or the left.

Super Line Spool

With this spool, you do not need to manually back the line as the rubber gasket keeps the fishing line from slipping, this comes as added value also, no mishaps while reeling back.

The PENN reel can use both sides of each drag washer giving it higher maximum drags, more range, and smoother start-ups. Greasing with PENN grease gives the reel longevity regarding service.


The full metal body gives it a long lasting design and allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe uses. You obviously would want to see that fishing gear last long enough.

Not just long but while also meeting your expectations and this reel does that for years. Note that I say years.

Easy To Use

The spinning reel manufacturer makes it user-friendly for anyone. Once you catch the fish, you get a smooth and balanced retrieve every time you are out there.

You will not spend your fun time trying to figure out what goes where and what does what on the conflict. Once you hold it, enjoy the fishing already.

Rust -Resistant

Once in the waters, don’t get worried over splashes onto your reel. The aluminum rotor has anti-resistant measures put in place.

The stainless steel ball bearings are also corrosion resistant thus giving a long lasting aspect to the conflict. Again the ball bearings have a seal making it even better.


This reel is surely worth every dime. It has an infinite anti-reverse hence a sure catch once the fish hooks. Whatever the force from whichever fish the reel works efficiently. Combined with the smooth retrieve, what could be more fun than catching fish with the conflict?

High Performance

High performance is something that you would want in probably anything and everything you hold. The conflicts engineering is meant to give this through its retrieving mechanism.

Smooth I must add its non-reverse feature and its ease of use. What a combination in the hands of a fishing enthusiast on vacation? Awesome I know.


  • Easy to use.
  • Rust-proof.
  • High performance.
  • Switchable handle.
  • Good grip.


  • Short warranty period.
  • Heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: The PENN reel has a one year warranty once you make the purchase.

Q: Can the handle change sides?

A: Yeah you can switch between the right and left with some minor adjustments.

Q: How is the customer service I have had some nasty experience with a customer service guys?

A: The customer service is incredibly amazing. They will help you out with any challenges.

Final Verdict

Be it Tilapia or Trout, any fish that you go out to catch you must prepare fully, obviously hopeful to reap the best out of it. No shortcuts no matter what, the conflict steering reel CFT8000 is the best you could ever get.

Oh yes, it performs and mind you it’s there to last long.With its sleek design, it doesn’t just appeal to the eyes, but I can’t hesitate to insist that even the fish feel proud being reeled out of the water with the conflict.

These are just but a few reasons why anglers are going for this reel. Stores can’t get enough of them because everybody is grabbing one for themselves. Stocks are running out and fast. Hurry and get yours too and let us meet in the deep seas.

Joe Carrow

Being passionate about fishing, I have spent a plenty of time in the fishery. That is why lately I have determined to share my experience and feeling with my friends and followers through my site. It is my high expectation that my lovely site will help the freshers splendidly!

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