5 Techniques To Become a Popper Fishing Master

For bass fishing, popper lures have always been a perfect choice. Probably, many of the anglers caught their first topwater preys using this timeless lure. However, nowadays it is hardly be seen in use by anglers.
Very few anglers use this unless they think it is necessary to lure those big bass fish. While others think it isn't relevant anymore. That's where they are making a huge mistake and no doubt more anglers coming out empty handed just because of their mindset of popper being a situational bait. 

Believe me when I say that popper fishing is still the best way to lure those basses in number. So, if you want to give it another go then I've got some popper fishing techniques that might be able to help you get a better fisherman.

Selecting propper bait

Being accurate with your popper baits is the key to get the attention of those school of hungry bass in the water. A good reason for them being attracted to it is that they look just like the real thing. Plus, the shiny popper skin of such bait is hard to miss. Now, being said all that, you still need to be on target with your bait on the water. You need to locate the spot where bass might live and then accurately place your lure there for them to take the bait. And the best way to do that is by practicing your casting and pitches to become more effective. 

Changing the speed of their lures

One of the most popper fishing techniques that most people find hard to follow is changing the speed of their lures on the topwater. Fishing requires a lot of patience. But if you're working with such baits then it would require just more then patience. While with other lures you can just cast them on the water and wait for your preys to take the bait. But with poppers, you need a little more than that. As mentioned earlier, these type of baits is lucrative because they represent topwater fishes a lot. A reason for being bass more attracted to it. 

But as you can imagine, your prey won't be that easy to catch. It won't take its change unless you make it. For that, you need to move around your popper bait making it seem like the real thing. But moving isn't enough. You need to change the speed of it from time to time so it won't seem like obvious. Therefore, start with some faster movements and then take longer pause before moving it around on the water. Next thing you will know a big bass takes a huge bite of the thing and you're in business.

Keeping Propper Bait With you

Keep your popper bait with you wherever you go fishing. You might go to a place thinking that it won't be suitable for using such lure. Yet, you might come across with someplace where this could have been effective. That's why I think always take your bait with you even if you think it won't come handy to use.

Good retrieval rate

While popper fishing, a good retrieval rate can be a real game changer. It will give you good casting, but most importantly it helps you to move the popper on the surface of the in a more smooth and efficient manner. Therefore, keep your eyes open for a better retrieval rate.

Find right spot

Most important part is to find the right spot for to use this kind of fishing. As I've said, not all places will be suitable for popper fishing. So, you need to identify the areas which might be perfect for this. And more importantly, even if you find the right place, you need to correctly locate the exact area where to drop your lures. I know it might be hard to do for some, but if you research some things like where most likely to find bass and such stuff, you can easily target areas a better way. This will give you a better chance.

Popper fishing is really one of the best and fun way of fishing. And hopefully, after learning these popper fishing techniques, you will find the motivation to try your hand at it. Just follow the above techniques like mentioned, you won't have to come home empty handed the next time from your fishing trips.

Joe Carrow

Being passionate about fishing, I have spent a plenty of time in the fishery. That is why lately I have determined to share my experience and feeling with my friends and followers through my site. It is my high expectation that my lovely site will help the freshers splendidly!

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