Best Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl Fishing Reel

Are you a victim of online fishing? I mean, have you ever found yourself wasting much of your time, looking out for the best reel online, for your real fishing? But yet can’t still feel you haven’t hit the mark. This doesn’t have to be space exploration.You deserve better. Enthusiasts find fishing is an art out of this planet. But your love for fishing needs to remain fast enjoyable and complimented by a spinning reel that stands the test of your expectations.

This is why no other reel navigates to this effortlessly like the Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl.Additionally, there is nothing that thrills anglers like a reel with the most of it and is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist bail caster to perfect its functionality too.

It is important to remember, you need to well understand a reel’s operation and features to be able to make a smart move and cleverly identify one that perfects your fishing performance in the long run.

Weight And Body Structure

Most anglers love less heavy reels with much precision and superb accuracy. The Shimano Symetre FL Spinning Reel comes to meet your art of fishing with an ultra-thin compact body design.

This ensures that the reel is less heavy, thanks to its superb ergonometric.You don’t need to worry whether your reel will survive both freshwater and inshore waters.

The Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl is constructed with graphite in the frame, side plate and rotor specifically for those niches.Inject energy to your sporting or fishing with this reel’s toughness and capability to master the aptitude to the task ahead.

Feature Fishing Complement

You rarely come across a reel that remains fast relevant to fishing as this model. It brings you a line capacity same like most top-class reels but also a compact body shape on your Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl, making it easy to handle for those longer fishing hour plans.


The reel comes with a x-ship that leaves the Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl superbly smooth and quicker to retrieve the line, especially when loaded with your surprise catch.

Performance Aspects

Consider having a reel that barely lasts before starting to rust. This can turn out to be mind boggling given the much you could have spent.

You get what you spend on. The Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl commands steadfast longevity for sustainable performance. This is because it is coated with five shielded anti-rust bearings.

The long bail arm it brings along, is dedicated to maximizing line control for the best of the outcomes. The handle has some amazing grip as well.

Other Features

It boasts longer casting, courtesy of the flexible and easily manageable propulsion line. This is further complemented to ensure you get the value for your expenditure plan.

The reel features a vari-speed II oscillation, earmarked for you to get superior line lay. It has too a compact design and much less weight, making this reel of the best and less strenuous to use.


  • Super Stopper anti-reverse ability and usable in saltwater
  • Single roller bearing and four stainless steel ball bearing
  • Front drag with cold forged aluminum poll
  • Gearing ratio at 6:0:1
  • Long lasting stamped bail and superb Dyna balance
  • Propulsion line management system


  • Needs an expert for great servicing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it suitable for freshwater?

A: Absolutely yes.

Q: what is the spool made of?

A: It is a Cold Forged Aluminum Spool, for durability.

Final Verdict

Nothing prepares better, an angler, like a high performing quality spinning reel. The Shimano Symetre 1000 Flcalculates into the perfect fishing requirements that will live to deliver superb easy usage and utilization.

You don’t have to suffer from the heavier ordinary reels any longer given the unmatched versatility of this reel. It is important you check out the capacity of your reel, to establish whether they match too to your tastes and preferences.

Consider yourself at an incredible standing point, to out achieve your fishing expectations with the Shimano Symetre 1000 Fl. With this reel, you can never go wrong if your interest is to advance your fishing art to much fun.

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