Best Shimano Symetre 4000 FL Fishing Reel

Fishing has never got any better until you meet the Shimona 4000 –FL Symetre. This is a fishing reel which is sea water and fresh water capable for fishing excursions. For those who appreciate longevity in reels, it has a compact design with the rotor, side plate graphite frame which provides a lasting frame. Its spool is aluminium made, being one with the best super stopper which provides anti-reverse which ensures it has the capability for landing a big fish.

X Ship

Bearings are on the main shaft which is a flagship for Shimano gearing system. The main shaft and its bearing support the pinion gear.

A bigger gear improves efficiency and power which makes the spin handle easily since it requires less effort even with extreme weight.

Line Management

This is an innovative propulsion system controls line to flow off the reel. Lines becomes smooth without cranking and twisting. This gives total control and reliability that is the same level as tournament fishing reel.

Super Stopper Ii

This is a super anti-reverse designed roller ball which purposes ensure positive Hooksett. This ensures controlled movements every time.

It has a rubber handle design the fits the right size. This super Stopper II can be switched off which allows back reeling in unique situations.

Fluidrive II

This ensures a polished surface around the gear hence providing enhanced cranking for smoothness and power. Hence the tooth contact of gears is maximized. Hence more poser is derived with less effort.

Dyna – Balance

It’s a Shimano Symetre reel that removes shaking or wobbling when coiling the line. This is achieved by increasing sensitivity and smoothness performance through counterbalancing.

Shimano uses computer balancing which uses the same principles as tire balancing of a car. Hence the rotor weight is redistributed which removes vibration and allows a smooth rotation.

Aluminium Frame

It has a standard with all Shimano fishing reels and a cold forged spool, the fluid drive II, super stop II, Dyna balance, and oscillation.

The frame is light weight and its metal frame its components are aligned proportionately. They model the latest painting, plating and anodizing finishes.

Anti – Rust Bearing(ARB)

They are made of stainless steel which is more than ten times corrosion resistant. It’s easy to maintain where it’s easy to flush of foreign substances like soils. The design provides for easy lubrications which reduce friction of the gears hence it spins faster.

Slow Oscillation System

This reduces gaps by evenly layering the line in the spool between line wraps which can cause undesirable friction during casting.

The line is layered in a parallel pattern which is extremely tightened by line layers which are wrapped on top of the lower layer. There are no spaces or gaps for the upper layer to entrench its self into.


  • Supper stopper
  • Line management systems
  • It has Suitable for salty and fresh water capability
  • Has aluminum spool which provides strength and alignment off components
  • Front drag
  • It has Ball bearing – 4S A-RB which keeps the reel free from fragments.
  • It has aluminum cold forged spool
  • Varispeed II is an oscillation system which layers the line on the spool in 2 speeds for outstanding casting.
  • It features a strong and reliable performance by featuring graphite frame, rotor and side plate.
  • It provides a gear ratio of 5.8:1 which provides steady retrieves.


  • Cheapened reel with a plastic bush on the main gear

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Shimano Symetre 4000 FL have a waterproof drag system?

A: there is no waterproof system however just rinse after and blast on the reel.

Q: Can you upgrade the drag system?

A: Sure you can.

Final Verdict

The spinning reels are the most suitable fishing tools. Shimano Symetre 4000fl is one of largest models that ensures that a fisherman catches many species of fish.Shimano endeavours to improve fishing experience their model types for sea water fishing and river fishing.

Larger models are more suitable for offshore fishing for species like kingfish, snapper, perch, barra, Estuary, trout, bass, flathead, bream and much more.

Get this Shimano Symetre 4000 FL today, and you won’t be disappointed as its ability to fish offshore and handle large catch is excellent.

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