Types of Fishing Lures and Their Uses – Most Popular Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures are used for attracted fishes so that you can quickly catch them. It's one of the most important things for fishing. Fishing lures are varied according to various needs of the fishing guys, as they usually want to grab the perfect one according to their need.

There are lots of types of the fishing lures, but among them, we can follow the 7 most popular types of fishing lures which are mostly on the top of the fishing guide. Here we are describing 7 most popular fishing lures and their uses.


This is the most versatile fishing lures among all the other fishing lures. Most of all the game fishes and the fishes which are inexpensive to boot are usually catch by this lures. Jigs usually come in different colors, and you also can dress them up, and they usually come with incredible features and various sizes. It comes with feathers and soft plastic grub, and you can customize it by fixing colorful hairs and other attractive things according to your choice.


Very much useful to catch game fishes and other fishes which are usually used to show off. You can cast fishes out very quickly by this jig.


Spinners are too much easy to use, and for this actually they are the very beginner lure in the history of fishing lures. The hook of a spinner can be dressed or bared. It causes the blade to spin to the water when spinners are dragged into the water.


The spinner can peek up fishes can peek up fishes through the line which is their lateral line. For this, a spinner is a wise choice for the fishermen when the water is murky or stained.


This type of lures are kind of metal lures, and they usually come in a curved shape. Like the other lures, spoons also have colorful features and various sizes. In every fishing situation, there is a spoon. Spoons are made to be trolled or cast.


It moves, through the water with a wobble like side-to-side which is beneficial to catch game fishes and some baitfish too.

Soft Plastic Baits:

The soft plastic baits lures are used for bass fishing. These are made of a soft plastic material, and they are usually has been given a natural shape and colors to attracted fishes which generally grab the insects.


It catches the fishes with the new technology like Texas Rig.  It usually designed like the thread bullet and also work like it.


Plugs are made of wood or hollow plastic. It generally resembles the shape and color of baitfish and sometimes frogs or others. They constructed with more than one treble hooks. The main feature of this lure is that it can be fished at the highest depth of the water and have the accuracy to catch the fishes which live in deeper of the water level. These lures usually come with different sizes and colors according to the user choice. But you won’t need to dress them up to attract the required fishes.


The original plugs are usually made by Rapala. This lure can drive slowly and can easily attract the deeper fishes. You just need to add a split ring to the eye of the plug, and it is ready to attract the fishes.

Buzz baits: 

These lures are also called Spinnerbaits. They usually come with an awkward looking. Consisted of safety pins and it is designed like wire attachment with the leading body. The body of the lure comes with colorful rubber skirt, and there are 2 metallic blades are usually comes with it.


The name of the popular formula which is used to catch fishes by this lures is Chuck-N-Wind. This formula is about cast the fish out, moderate the speed of the fish, and the most unique thing is, it always keeps the lures above 5 feet from the surface of the water which can easily attract the fishes.


This is a traditional lure which is also known as flying fishing equipment. It's the lighter lure which usually comes in the form of the natural insects which can easily attract the fishes.


Help to the catch the different types of fishes which are usually being attracted by the natural insects.

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